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April 15, 2023






How much does a ticket cost?  

For in-person ticket purchase (offered beginning March 15, 2023 at select retail locations and on the day of the tour at our tour stops), the price is $30 each. For tickets purchased online, you can take advantage of discounted pricing at $25/ticket. No additional online service fee or sales tax is assessed.

Are children allowed, and if so, how much is a child’s ticket?

Because of the nature of the properties on the tour, we recommend that children not attend. In fact, strollers are prohibited in the homes. As a result, reduced pricing for children is not offered.

Do you offer discounted pricing for groups?

No, the only discount available is for online purchases.


When will tickets be available for sale?

Tickets can be purchase via our website ( now. They will be available in selected retail locations beginning March 15, 2023.


Which retail locations will offer tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from the following retail locations beginning March 15, 2023: Bella Filati Yarns, 277 NE Broad St, Southern Pines, NC Sandhills Woman’s Exchange, 15 Azalea Rd, Pinehurst, NC Eloise Trading Company, 111 W Main St, Aberdeen, NC.

What homes and gardens will be toured?

This information will be announced to the public no later than March 1, 2023. Please check back on our website.

Is there a recommended order for visiting the tour locations?

No, you are free to visit the tour locations in whatever order is most convenient for you.

How do I locate the tour stops?

Addresses for each of the tour locations will be available on our website not later than March 1, 2023, as well as included in the printed materials distributed on the day of the tour. Many visitors use mobile apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps. We will also provide a map that can be downloaded from our website. Lastly, we place directional signs along the route to help identify the route.

Are the tour stops accessible for guests who are mobility challenged?

Several of the homes require the use of stairs, which may limit the experience for someone with mobility issues. Outdoor walkways may be uneven and could be problematic for those using devices that assist with mobility. A limited amount of accessible parking will be available at every tour stop.


Are bathrooms available at the tour stops?

No. Restroom facilities are available for tour guests at the Weymouth Center, 555 E. Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines, and the Campbell House, 482 E. Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines. Out of consideration for the homeowners, bathrooms at the privately owned homes are cordoned off for the duration of the tour.


What do I need to bring with me on the day of the tour?

You only need your ticket! At your first stop on the tour, present your ticket at the check-in table found at the entrance of each home. If you purchased your ticket(s) online, your e-ticket or QR code are both accepted. If you purchased your ticket(s) at a retail location, bring your embossed paper ticket(s).


What parking options will be available?

All tour stops will have parking available, but the amount and location will vary based on the tour location. We strongly encourage carpooling, when possible. For attendees who choose to carpool, we recommend you meet and park your individual cars at Weymouth Center and ride together in a single car to the various tour stops. Once you arrive at a tour home, parking attendants will be present to assist you. A limited amount of accessible parking will be available at every home. Please alert a parking attendant if you require assistance.


Will there be accommodations for bus parking?

We are happy to accommodate groups. Please let us know in advance if you and your group will be arriving by bus. We can be reached via email at




What restaurants will be offering discounts on the day of the tour?

The names and addresses of restaurants offering discounts will be posted on our website no later than March 1, 2023.


How much is the discount?

Each restaurant listed will be offering 10% off for one breakfast or lunch meal per ticket presented.


We really appreciate your support! Reach out anytime through our website or by email, and be sure to sign up for emailed updates to receive messages as new details become available.





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