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Our next tour will take place on Saturday, April 13th, from 10am to 4pm. Guests may begin at any home or garden on the tour and proceed in any preferred order. Addresses and maps will be available on the website’s Tour Details page. Tickets are required and advance discounted $25 tickets may be purchased through our website. On the day of the tour, tickets may be purchased at any tour stop or online for $30 each. New this year, we are offering lunch at Weymouth! Lunch is $20 per person; please order in advance as we suspect this opportunity will sell out. 



How much does a ticket cost?  

For advance tickets purchased online, you can take advantage of discounted pricing at $25/ticket. Tickets will be $30 on tour day.  An online service fee of 5% will be assessed, but there is no sales tax applied.

Are children allowed, and if so, how much is a child’s ticket?

Because of the nature of the properties on the tour, we recommend that young children not attend. In fact, strollers are prohibited in the homes. As a result, reduced pricing for children is not offered.


Do you offer discounted pricing for groups?

No, the only discount available is for online purchases of advance tickets.


When will tickets be available for sale?

$25 advance tickets can be purchased on our website now. On April 13th, $30 tour day tickets may be purchased online or in person at any tour stop. Lunch can be purchased on our website now through April 12th for $20 per person.




What homes and gardens will be toured?

Addresses and maps can be found on the Tour Details page of our website. All of the information can also be found in the printed Tour Passport that you will receive when you first check in at any tour stop.


Is there a recommended order for visiting the tour locations?

No, we encourage you to visit the tour locations in whatever order is most convenient for you.

How do I locate the tour stops?

Addresses for each of the tour locations are available on our website as well as included in the printed materials distributed on the day of the tour. We will also offer a printable general overview map. Lastly, we place directional signs along the route to help identify the route.

Are the tour stops accessible for guests who are mobility challenged?

Each of the houses on the 2024 tour have from one to four steps up into the main level; the downtown loft in Southern Pines has a full flight of stairs into the apartment. The landscaped yards at each house and the grounds at the lavender farm may have uneven areas that could be problematic for those using devices to assist with their mobility, so be aware and proactive as you enjoy the tour. There is limited parking at each tour stop. Southern Pines Garden Club will assist those with special parking needs as best as they can on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for your caution and patience.

Are bathrooms available at the tour stops?

No. Restroom facilities are only available for tour guests at the Weymouth Center, 555 E. Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines, and the Campbell House Train House, 482 E. Connecticut Ave, Southern Pines. Out of consideration for the homeowners, bathrooms at the privately owned homes are cordoned off for the duration of the tour.

What do I need to bring with me on the day of the tour?

You only need your printed or on-screen eTicket! At your first stop on the tour, present your eTicket at a check-in table found near the entrance of each home. If you purchased your ticket(s) online, your eTicket or QR code are both accepted. Your eTicket is only valid for the one-time check in. At that time, you’ll receive your official Tour Passport which grants access to all subsequent tour stops.



What parking options will be available?

All tour stops will have parking available, but the amount and location will vary based on the tour location. We strongly encourage carpooling when possible. For attendees who choose to carpool, we recommend you meet and park your individual cars at the Campbell House or Weymouth Center and ride together in a single car to the various tour stops. There is limited parking at each tour stop but the Southern Pines Garden Club will assist those with special parking needs as best as they can on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for your caution and patience. 

Will there be accommodations for bus parking?

We are happy to accommodate groups. Please let us know in advance if you and your group will be arriving by bus. Our parking coordinator can be reached via email at



The Luncheon at Weymouth

We are hosting a buffet luncheon at the Boyd House of the Weymouth Center. Weymouth and its grounds provide a perfectly lovely location to relax at a table and enjoy your tour day break. Your meal, dessert and beverage are all included for $20 per person. (No gratuities are expected.) Tickets may be purchased online with your tour tickets.




We truly appreciate your support!

Reach out anytime through our website or by email, and be sure to sign up for  updates to receive messages as new details are released.


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